MeCTA Meeting 3/23/17 Minutes

MeCTA Membership Meeting
Date: Thursday March 23, 2017
Location: Newport, ME
Rikki Babcock
Taylor Ginn
Heather Madore
Kris Nicola
Peggy Paine
Debbie Place
Sandy Porter-Bean
Janet Schlenker
Kathy Shultz
Lila Townsend
Barb Witham
Beth McEvoy Ruksznis

Treasurer’s Report: Current checking account balance - $8,541.36

Nomination of Officers
Beth McEvoy has been acting as head of the nominating committee for board members
Kris Nicola has been acting as president since late January 2017
Kris was formally nominated to be president
Board voted unanimously to formally elect Kris president
Janet Schlenker was nominated to be vice president
Board voted unanimously to formally elect Janet vice president
Janet had been filling the role of member at large
Taylor Ginn was nominated to be member at large for the southern region
Board voted unanimously to elect Taylor member at large
Rikki Babcock was nominated to be member at large for the northern region
Board voted unanimously to elect Rikki member at large

The 2017 provisional calendar has been posted to the website – includes MeCTA and non-MeCTA shows/events
Rikki has been working on the website and will create a separate section for MeCTA affiliated events. 

Judges at MeCTA Events
Discussion about using qualified judges that do not pose a conflict of interest.  
We recognized this as a possible issue but determined it’s hard to define/enforce for MeCTA events
Final decsision was that President (Kris) will address any questions when/if they arise.
All organizers/members are encouraged to review the USEA/USEF rules regarding conflicts of interest

Additional Resources for Organizers
Suggestion provided by Beth McEvoy to help organizers
MeCTA purchase ribbons up to 6th place in bulk for all events.  
The ribbons will be generic with the MeCTA logo on the medallion
Organizer and further customize them however they wish
Organizers would supply their needs for ribbons to Janet Schlenker
How many firsts, seconds, etc. are needed for the season
We will need to define a deadline by which ribbon needs must be provided to Janet. This date is TBD.
  Janet will contact Noragala and determine a timeline
If organizers do not provide their ribbon needs by this deadline they will not be included in the MeCTA order and will need to purchase their own ribbons
This suggestion was voted on an unanimously passed

Year End Awards
Last year, year end awards were separated between 2 phase and 3 phase events
We recognized that this is very popular however also note that this is an very large expense.  
Ribbons and GC’s for 2016 totaled around $2000
We’re looking for ideas of how to fund raise to offset this expense so we can continue year end awards in this manner
Suggestion to help pay for year end awards – raise membership rates starting in 2018.
$30 for individual, $40 for family. No early discount
A vote was taken and unanimously passed
Suggestion to eliminate the ribbons for the Danny and Figure trophies
A vote was taken and unanimously passed
We discussed the date of the year end gathering 
There have been some suggestions to move back to November. This was discussed and decided that January was better – less other things going on after the holidays.
Suggestion to make the year end gathering the last Saturday of January
Place TBD
Organizers should send scores after each show to Rikki Babcock. Notification with Rikki’s contact info will be sent out.  

Rikki Babcock has volunteered to help with updating the website
She suggested the we move to a new website host that will charge less than the current provider
New website host - Weebly
The current contract with Homestead ends in October.  
Target to have the new website up and running by 10/1 – web address will remain the same
Vote taken and passed unanimously to move to the new provider
Rikki has some ideas for how to generate new interest in MeCTA
Host some “competitions” on the MeCTA Facebook page
Example – best “game face” photo
Pictures could be submitted and a winner would be randomly chosen
Can we get people to donate “prizes”?
Or winner would just get bragging rights? Photo posted on website?

Year End Trophies
We currently have the Danny and Figure trophies for juniors and adults over 40. 
We explored the possibility of getting one for those in between.
Criteria for this new trophy would be the same as Danny and Figure
Lowest score at 3 phase
Kris has done some initial research into having a trophy made
Suggestion to look for someone to donate the trophy (as Danny and Figure were). If someone did donate the trophy, that person could name it.

Some organizers offer a Tadpole division – this division isn’t eligible for year end awards
This division should use dressage test USDF Intro A
MeCTA elementary division should use USDF dressage test Intro C
MeCTA intro division should use USDF dressage test Intro B
Debbie mentioned that she has items for a tack sale which could be held as a fundraiser – date/location TBD – more information will be provided at a later date.  
Next meeting – May 4 at 6:30, same location in Newport